Researchers develop fully textile waveguide antenna using a metamaterial-inspired unit cell

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A new type of wearable antenna has been created as part of a project aiming at an integrated solution for monitoring, locating, alerting and communicating with senior citizens indoors.


Technical textiles are continuing to advance and this, combined with the rapid development of integrated circuit technology and the corresponding miniaturisation of electronics, according to Yan, makes it likely that wearable electronics and textile antennas will be combined within the next decade to form complete miniaturised wearable systems integrated into clothing.


“Sophisticated signal processing techniques, increased storage capabilities and high quality wireless connections will allow the design and manufacture of systems with unique high performance properties,” he said. “Besides being able to increase productivity in specialised occupational segments, we would very much like to see this technology being widely applied in the healthcare sector, where it could result in an improved quality of life for many patients.”

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