Toyota unveils FV2 concept car that will read your emotions

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In the run-up to this month’s Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese carmakers are unveiling their visions for the next generation of transport. For Toyota, that translates to the FV2, a single-occupancy concept car that can read your voice and facial expressions — and maybe even bond with you.


The FV2 appears to be all about forging an intimate relationship with the driver. As such, it will use voice and image recognition technology developed by Toyota to determine the driver’s mood, while also logging driving history in order to learn how to be an efficient co-pilot. Meanwhile, the car’s augmented reality display in the windshield will show traffic conditions and safety information, and will change color according to your mood (just in case you wanted to alert drivers to your road rage). The FV2 even eschews the steering wheel in favor of allowing the driver to steer with his or her body.

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